Temperature Log

The temperature log is a tool for keeping track of temperature

  • 1. Accurate Temperature Logging: - Temperature Log, allows users to record and track temperatures accurately and efficiently. Whether it's for food, medication, or any other product that requires temperature control, our app ensures reliable and precise records.
  • 2. Notification Scheduling: - With the Notification Scheduling feature, users can set custom reminders for their temperature records. This ensures that important records are never missed and helps maintain effective compliance.
  • 3. Temperature History and Graphs: - Temperature Log, provides a clear visualization of temperature history in the form of intuitive graphs. This allows users to identify trends and make informed decisions regarding equipment and environment management.
  • 4. Configuration Customization: Temperature Log, adapts to individual needs. Users can customize the equipment's set point level settings, allowing for faster recording and monitoring that the target temperature point is being reached.
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